Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Trying to figure this out...

So this blogging thing is new for me, and trying to figure how to work it and set it up has been quite the challenge! Being a perfectionist actually means taking forever to finish something because it never seems to be "perfect." I am not a professional writer...my parents refer to me as their science geek..go figure...but I thought this would be an excellent opportunity for Jared and I to allow our family and friends to experience our new adventure to Philly vicariously through us!
    Philly?? People ask why philly? Well, when I tried to get into MUSC's nursing school in Charleston and never got the call while on the alternate list, my determination to get into nursing school sparked! I searched the web for all the accelerated nursing schools in the continental U.S. and stumbled upon a few to apply. After an unsuccessful interview out at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs and lots of words with God, I let go. Being the control freak I am, this was quite difficult of me, but I decided to let God take over. I mean, He already knew my path, so why should I be worrying so much? I had done all I could do...apply. What seemed to be several months later, but in actuality was only a few weeks, I got a a HUGE envelope from Drexel University. Even though the folder inside the envelope said "Congratulations on your acceptance!" I still didn't believe it! After sevel looks through the papers inside the folder, I finally came to terms...I GOT IN!  And where was Drexel????? PHILADELPHIA!
   So that's how it all started! The love of my life asked me to marry him in the same week and well the rest just happened to fall into place! Jared got a job, we found an apartment, and in two weeks we will be bumping up into Philly in a U-haul! How funny God is!